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New Product Release:Combination Wave Lightening Surge Simulator
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       The combination wave lightning and surge simulator CWS 1500 series and CWS 2000 series are developed and designed according to IEC 61000-4-5 and GB/T 17626.5, which can simulate the unipolar surge interference phenomenon caused by switching and lightning transients overvoltage and output 1.2/ 50 μs & 8/20 μs combination wave and 1.2/ 50 μs voltage wave, the max. pulse voltage up to 20 kV, and max. current up to 10 kA.
       This simulator can be equipped with SPN series coupling and decoupling network to inject lightning surge signal into the power line port of the tested equipment, and prevent the surge impact from affecting the circuits of other untested devices, equipment or systems.
       The product is designed based on the third-generation platform, which is compact and easy to move. The interface is intuitive and the operation is simple.

> 5.7 inches color touch screen on front panel;
> 1.2/ 50 μs & 8/20 μs combination wave and 1.2/ 50 μs voltage wave;
> Automatic judgment of various faults, sound and light alarm;
> Max. surge output voltage 20 kV, max. surge current  10 kA;
> LAN communication interface for remote control;
> Optional fully automatic coupling/decoupling network;
> Built-in current and voltage dual peak acquisition, touch screen interface display output;

For more information, please click :Combination Wave Lightening Surge Simulator

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