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New Product Release:Combi...2022.05.24

The combination wave lightning and surge simulator CWS 1500 series and CWS 2000 series are developed and designed according to IEC 61000-4-5

New Product Release:Curre...2022.05.07

The BCICF-200 is a kind of wide-band transmission/coupling device used for the calibration of current injection/monitoring clamps

New Product Release:Balan...2022.05.07

TBT-500 is designed according to ISO 7637-4:2020 for the transformation of balanced and unbalanced signals.

New Product Release:Photo...2022.04.01

The photovoltaic impulse voltage generator PVSG 2500 is designed as per 7.5.1 Impulse voltage test (type test) in IEC 62109-1 Safety of power converters for use in…

New Product Release:ISO 2...2022.03.29

ISO 21498-2:2021 specifies the test requirement of new energy automotive HV component with the DC voltage from 60 V to 1500 V.

New Product Release: The ...2021.11.26

The vehicle power supply circuit positive surge simulator TIS 60T3 is designed according to Toyota TSC0502G

New Product Release: Vehi...2021.11.26

The Vehicle Power Supply Circuit Negative Surge Simulator TIS 60T1 is designed according to Toyota TSC0502G

New Product Release: Comb...2021.11.08

The CWS xxxCT series Combination Wave Surge Simulator is specially designed to simulate surge pulses interference and capable of producing combination waveform 1.2/50 μs,

New Product Release: Helm...2021.10.15

TYXH 06400 is used to produce d.c and alternating magnetic field from DC to 30 kHz together with appropriate signal source and compensation networks.

New Product Release: 8 kV...2021.08.05

The EFT 800S (built-in single-phase coupling/decoupling networks) and EFT 800T (built-in three-phase coupling/decoupling networks) are newly designed

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