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New Product Release:Photovoltaic Impulse Voltage Generator PVSG 2500
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The photovoltaic impulse voltage generator PVSG 2500 is designed as per 7.5.1 Impulse voltage test (type test) in IEC 62109-1 Safety of power converters for use in photovoltaic power systems ?Part 1: General requirements and photovoltaic inverter impulse voltage test specified in GB/T 37408, which is capable of generating 1.2/50 μs impulse test waveform ranging from 0.5 kV to 25 kV. The source impedance covers two types: less than 2 ohm and 500 ohm, which can satisfy the clearances and solid insulation test requirement.

> 5.7 inches color touch screen on front panel
> As per IEC 62109-1 and GB/T 37408
> Output voltage 0.5 kV to 25 kV;
>Source impedance:<2 ohm and 500 ohm
> Built-in surge voltage measurement module, viewing waveform via oscilloscope is available;
> Built-in peak voltage monitor function;
> EUT breakdown alert function, setting range 100 mA~1200 mA;
>Ethernet, RJ45 interface for PC remote control and test report print;

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