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      Compact immunity simulator CCS 600


      CCS600 is an intelligent multifunctional compact immunity (EMS) test system, as per all the requirements of international standards and product standards for transient pulse, surge and voltage dip.

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      CCS 600 is an intelligent multifunctional compact immunity (EMS) test system, which meets all the requirements of international standards and product standards for transient pulse, surge and voltage dip. Its test voltage is up to 6 kV. CCS series are the best choice for full compliance immunity test solutions. With built-in fully automatically single-phase CDN, it not only meets the immunity testing requirements of CE and CCC certification for single-phase EUTs, but also be capable of performing three-phase-five-line EUTs tests by using automatically controlled external CDNs (up to 100 A) of our company. Various enclosures needed are available to satisfying types of needs such as power frequency magnetic field tests.

      > 5.7” color touch screen
      > Surge failure detection
      > Data acquisition of surge voltage and current       
      > Test sequence function
      > Built-in multifunctional testing modules
      > Built-in single-phase fully automatically CDN,AC 250 V 16 A;DC-1 (resistive load) 250 V 16 A
      > Optional for external three-phase CDN modules
      > Ethernet and RJ45 ports, used for PC remote control, test report documentation and print etc.

      • IEC 61000-4-5
      • IEC 61000-4-9
      • IEC 61000-4-4
      • IEC 61000-4-8
      • IEC 61000-4-11
      • IEC 61000-4-29
      • IEC 61008-1
      • IEC 61009-1
      • GB/T 17626.5
      • GB/T 17626.4
      • GB/T 17626.8
      • GB/T 17626.9
      • GB/T 17626.11
      • GB/T 17626.29
      • EN 61000-4-5
      • EN 61000-4-9
      • EN 61000-4-4
      • EN 61000-4-11
      • EN 61008-1
      • EN 61009-1
      • EN 61543
      • EN 61000-4-8
      • EN 61000-4-29
      • ANSI/IEEE C62.41

      General Parameters

      Display Screen

      5.7” TFT color touch screen

      Power Supply

      AC 110 V/220 V(10%)50 Hz /60 Hz, (±5%) default AC 220 V 50 Hz in mainland China


      6 A

      Max. Power Consumption

      200 W

      Memory Space


      Communication Mode

      Ethernet, RJ45




      Approx. 41 kg

      Ambient Temperature


      Relative Humidity


      Atmospheric Pressure

      86 kPa-106 kPa



      EFT/burst Tests as per IEC 61000-4-4

      Test Voltage

      0.25 kV-4.8 kV(±10%

      Source Impedance

      50 Ω


      Positive, negative, alternative

      Rise Time

      5 ns(±30%), 50 Ω load, 1000 Ω load

      Pulse Waveform

      5/50 ns, 50 Ω and 1000 Ω load

      Pulse Frequency

      0.1 kHz-1000 kHz

      Pulse Duration

      50 ns±30%, 50 Ω load

      Burst Duration

      0.075 ms-750 ms

      50 ns-15/+100 ns1000 Ω load

      Test Duration

      1 s-9999 s

      Burst Cycle

      11 ms-9999 ms


      0° - 360°, 1° step or random

      Trigger Mode

      Automatic, manual or external trigger


      Internal single phase automatic CDN: Single-phase-3-line                    AC 220 V 16 A Max 250 V

      Surge Tests as per IEC61000-4-5

      Test Voltage

      0.3 kV-6 kV±10%

      Test Current

      0.15 kA-3 kA±10%

      Voltage Waveform

      Front time: 1.2 μs (±30%), Time to half value: 50 μs (±20%)

      Source Output Impedance

      2 Ω

      Current Waveform

      Front time: 8 μs (±20%), Time to half value:20 μs (±20%)

      Coupling Capacitance

      9 μF, 18 μF


      Positive, negative, alternative

      Pulse Cycle

      5 s-180 s (the shortest depends on test voltage

      Coupling Resistance

      10 Ω, 0 Ω coupling resistor Either IEC standard mode or customized mode is optional

      Number of Test


      Surge Voltage and Current Peak Detection

      Front panel BNC output,   surge voltage: 1000 V:1 V           Surge current :500 A:1 V          3 digits on display


      0° - 360°, 1° step or random

      Trigger Mode

      Automatic, manual or external trigger


      Built-in single phase automatic CDN

      Single-phase-3-line                   AC 220 V 16 A Max. 250 V

       PFMF Tests as per IEC61000-4-8 with optional module MFT 400/1200 or VMT series

      Magnetic Field Strength

      TCXS 111 Single-turn coil:     1 A/m -100 A/m (continuous)

      100 A/m -400 A/m (1 s-10s in short time)

      TCXS 113 Single-turn coil   1 A/m -300 A/m (continuous)

      300 A/m -1200 A/m (1 s-10 s in short time)

      Current Distortion Rate


      Current Waveform

      50 Hz/60 Hz sine wave

      Operating Current Range for Short Time  

      120 A-500 A

      Continuous Operating Current Range

      1 A-120 A

      Test Duration

      1 s-28800 s

      Magnetic Field Output Accuracy

      Deviation 1dBminimal magnetic field intensity like 1A/m needs to be adjusted manually before tests.

      Waveform Interval

      1 s-9999 s

      Coil Size

      1000 mm *1000 mm or others

      Trigger mode

      Auto, Manual, External signal trigger

      Coil Turn

      Single-turn /three-turn

      Coil shape

      Rectangle or others

      Output Magnetic Field Strength

      Test Sequencing setup



      Pulse Magnetic Field Tests as per IEC 61000-4-9 with optional module PMC 1200

      Output Magnetic Field Range

      100 A/m-1200 A/m


      Rise time:6.4 μs (±30%);            duration: 16 μs (±30%)

      Output Current

      100 A-2000 A


      Positive, negative, alternative


      0°- 360°, 1°step or random

      Pulse Cycle

      5 s-99 sthe shortest depends on test current

      Trigger Mode

      Automatic, manual or external trigger

      Coil Shape


      Number of Test


      Model of Coil

      TCXS 111

      Coil Size


      Output Magnetic Field Strength

      Test sequencing setup

      Coil Turn





      Power Fail Tests as per IEC 61000-4–11 (with Optional Module VVT or VMT series) & IEC 61000-4-29

      EUT Max. Voltage

      250 V AC, 220 V DC

      EUT Max. Current

      AC/DC 16 A continuous current;        AC 20 A continuous 5 s;

      40 A continuous 3 s;

      500 A impulse current

      EUT Current and Voltage Measurement

      LCD display, BNC terminal: voltage 100:1, current 10 A:1 V

      Dip Level

      0%-100%for VVT/VMT series

      0%40%70%80%(for VVTxxxxSFseries)

      Interruption level


      Dip and Interruption Interval

      5 ms-9999 ms

      Dip and Interruption Duration

      0.1-9999 cycle or 1 ms-9999 ms

      Dip and Interruption Rise/Fall Time

      1 µs -5 µs (100 Ω load)

      Dip and Interruption Test Duration

      1 s-9999 s

      Time of Voltage Variation Decreasing


      500 ms-9999 ms (50%-100%) or abrupt (same with rise/ fall time for dips and 


      1000 ms-9999 ms (0%-100%) or abrupt (same with rise/ fall time for dips and 


      Voltage Variation Level


      Duration after Voltage Variation Decreasing

      10 ms-99999 ms

      Time of Voltage Variation Increasing

      500 ms-9999 ms50%-100%

      1000 ms-9999 ms0%-100%

      Trigger Mode

      Automatic, manual or external trigger


      0°- 360°, 1° step or random



      Models Selection



      IEC 61000-4-4

      IEC 61000-4-5

      IEC 61000-4-8

      IEC 61000-4-9

      IEC 61000-4-11

      IEC 61000-4-29

      CDN single- phase-3-line

      Compact Immunity Test System

      CCS 600

      EFT/Burst CDN

      EFTN 3816T







      Surge CDN

      SPN 3816T






      EFT/Burst and Surge CDN

      SEPN 3816T





      SEPN 3832T





      Power Frequency Magnetic Module

      MFT 400






      MFT 1200






      AC Voltage Dips, Short Interruption and Variation Module

      VVT 2216S






      VVT 2216SV






      Power Fail and Power Frequency Magnetic Module

      VMT 2216S





      VMT 2216SV





      Pulsed Magnetic Field Converter

      PMC 1200







      User Manual, Fuse×2spare parts, Flat Grounding Wire, Radio-Frequency Wire, Testing Wire, Power Supply Wire

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