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New Product Release:High Frequency Noise Simulator INS 800
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       The INS 800 high-frequency noise simulator is designed to simulate the interference generated when the relay is turned on or off as a representative of the inductive component. This type of interference contains a wide spectrum (up to 2 GHz) that is coupled, reflected, resonated, and amplified by the IC through the wiring of the power line and the printed circuit board inside the device, causing equipment failure.

       The device can be used to evaluate the performance of electronic equipment against transient conducted interference, and can qualitatively test the anti-radiation performance of the anti-interference performance of the electronic equipment system and the grounding performance of the system, and apply it most in various interference simulators. Wide, one of the most practical instruments

> 5.7-inch color touch screen operation for PC interconnection
> Built-in 50 Ω termination resistor;
> Floating output
> 5 scheduling tests
> Manually select different pulse widths and coupling modes
> The coaxial short-circuit bar can easily realize the common differential mode test
1.Typical calibration connection diagram
2.Typical test connection diagram(differential mode L1-L2):

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