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3ctest EMC equipments of ...2015.07.31

2015 China International Exhibition on EMC, Microwave, RF and Safety tests & Certification is held in Beijing International Convention Center from 21st to 23rd, April, 2015. Suzhou 3ctest attends the show with self-

Third generation products...2015.07.30

Suzhou 3ctest shows its high-end EMC equipments of third generation on China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Fair ??the 85th China Electronic Fair from 9th ? 11th, April, 2015.

AR Europe announces partn...2015.07.27

EMV 2015 is held in Stuttgart, Germany from 24th to 26th, March 2015. Suzhou 3ctest shows its EMC immunity equipments of third generation successfully in the exhibition. They are welcomed and get high praise by EMC engineers, suppliers and customers.

150kV multi-function comb...2015.07.27

150kV combination wave test system has developed by 3ctest been successfully delivered to Beijing Lide Harvest Electrical technology Co.,Ltd. Though the installation, debugging and professional training, it has passed the metrological confirmation by Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co.,Ltd before formally putting it into use.

LSS 160 airborne equipmen...2015.07.27

LSS 160 airborne equipment indirect lightning effect test system has been successfully developed by 3ctest after the development of LCG466C direct lightening effect test system. It shows that 3ctest can be able to provide a whole system of lightening effect test solutions for customers.

2015 Suzhou 3ctest EMC Se...2015.07.27

Suzhou 3ctest is one of the leading EMC equipments suppliers in China. It is committed to meet customers’ needs and solve their problems during ten years. There are more than 4200 customers, which already have a stable relationship with 3ctest.

3ctest tenth anniversary ...2015.07.23

Suzhou 3ctest tenth anniversary celebration was held in Taihu International Conference Center on 2nd July, 2015. The celebration center was decorated with beautiful flowers and colorful balloons. Honored guests, all 3ctest employees and their family members had attended this celebration and witnessed the most historical moment during the development of 3ctest.

3ctest’s Spring Festival ...2014.01.25

Themed as “Thank you for the past 9 years”, 3ctest’s Spring Festival Party was held in Suzhou Marriott Hotel on January 21st, 2014. All the staffs got together to celebrate the coming New Year and make a happiness wish.

3ctest identified as “a h...2013.04.22

Through the strict scrutiny byJiangsuidentification department,Suzhou3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd was finally identified as “a high-tech enterprise inJiangsuProvince”.

3ctest’s ESD simulator aw...2013.04.25

Electro-static Discharge Simulator has been successfully developed by Suzhou 3ctest Electronic and awarded as “a high-tech product in Jiangsu Province”. 3ctest’s ESD simulator is the most ergonomic ESD gun without an additional base control unit. It integrates discharge tip with touch screen.

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