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3ctest’s Spring Festival ...2014.01.25

Themed as “Thank you for the past 9 years”, 3ctest’s Spring Festival Party was held in Suzhou Marriott Hotel on January 21st, 2014. All the staffs got together to celebrate the coming New Year and make a happiness wish.

3ctest identified as “a h...2013.04.22

Through the strict scrutiny byJiangsuidentification department,Suzhou3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd was finally identified as “a high-tech enterprise inJiangsuProvince”.

3ctest’s ESD simulator aw...2013.04.25

Electro-static Discharge Simulator has been successfully developed by Suzhou 3ctest Electronic and awarded as “a high-tech product in Jiangsu Province”. 3ctest’s ESD simulator is the most ergonomic ESD gun without an additional base control unit. It integrates discharge tip with touch screen.

3ctest’s spring seminar o...2013.03.29

Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd successfully held its spring seminar??EMI test and EMC immunity solutions on 28th March, 2013. This seminar gathered almost 130 professional engineers throughout the country, representing a high-end gathering of EMC industry.

The Second Training for A...2013.02.24

Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd, Technology Bureau of Jiangbei district of Ningbo and automotive and components technology service cooperated together to hold the second training for automotive electronics in conference center of Zhejiang University.

Apply for 3ctest’s spring...2013.03.20

Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Suzhou based Chinese enterprise. It has grown into the most influential and professional supplier of EMC test solutions in China over years of development.

3ctest’s Engineer will gi...2014.03.05

Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd will show its “third-generation” of EMC intelligent test products during EMC/China 2013 - The 12th China International Conference & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility in October, 2013.

عقد منتدى تعاون الابتكار...2010.08.26

عقد منتدى تعاون الابتكار بين سنغافورة – جيانغسو أي اجتماع التوفيق في فندق جينلينغ

أصدر الاتحاد الأوروبي مع...2013.01.26

أصدر الاتحاد الأوروبي معيار الإشعاع الكهرومغناطيسي للمصابيح علي جسم الإنسان 62493:2010 EN

أصدر المعيار الوطني 2011...2013.01.26

أصدر المعيار الوطني 2011-26776T/GB

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