EMC general test equipments
+ESD Simulators
+Multifunctional immunity simulator
+EFT/Burst Simulators
+Surge simulator
+Power frequency magnetic field simulator
+AC/DC magnetic field simulator
+Pulse Magnetic Field Simulators
+Power fail simulator
+DC power fail simulator
+Ring Wave Simulators
+Damped Oscillatory Wave Simulators
+Fast/Slow damped oscillatory wave simulator
+Coupling/Decoupling Network
Automotive EMC test equipments
+Automotive ESD simulator
+Transient immunity simulator
+Automotive voltage variation simulator
+Automotive load dump simulator
+Automotive transient disturbance simulator
+Artificial network
+Capacitance coupling clamp
+Balun Transformer
+Automotive spark simulator
+High voltgae noise simulator
+Vehicle multimedia voltage disturbance simulator
+Vehicle-mounted arbitrary waveform simulator
+Automotive BCI test system
+Automotive immunity test software
+Low frequency magnetic field immunity test system
+Calibration accessories
+Open TEM Cell
+Automobile transient pulse simulator
+ISO 7637-4
Lightning effect test equipments
+High voltage attachment points partition test syst
+Lightening direct effect test system
+Lightening indirect effect test system for airborn
GJB test equipments
+300KV ESD testing system
+GJB 151、181 series
+Artificial power network
Power induction/contact test equipments
+Safety tester for communication power line
+Power induction/contact simulator
+High Power Short time Overcurrent simulator
Safety test equipments
+Pulse voltage withstand tester
+High voltage pulse simulator
System integration
+GTEM cell
+IEC 61000-4-6 test system
+EMI receiver
+Click analyzer
+Impedance stabilization network
+Line impedance stabilization network
+Power amplifier
+RF accessories
+EM clamp
+Current injection probe
+Current sensing probe
+Anechoic chamber
+RF test software
High voltage test equipments
+Large impact current test system
+Small impact current
+Surge simulator
+Coupling / decoupling network
+Decoupling network
+Action load network power
+SPD power
+High voltage customization
+Impulse voltage test system
+Measurement/Control Software
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  • Electronic Fast Transient Simulator EFT 500x

    The EFT 500 series is the multifunctional test sim...