2004.6 3ctest founded by Huang Xuejun
2007.3 Representative office in Shenzhen established
2008.3 Representative office in Beijing established

2010.4 The first DC power frequency magnetic field generator successfully developed, magnetic field up to 10mT (10000A),

as per IEC 61000-4-8.

Mark I. Montrose, an expert in EMC, visited 3ctest. Since then, 3ctest cooperated with Montrose Compliance Services. Inc

to provide customers with practical problem-solving solutions.

2010.5 Multifunction surge generator first introduced, up to 30kV, exactly meet the requirements of different standards,

such as IEC61000-4-5, IEC/EN  61010, IEC/EN 61643-1, ANSI C62.41/45, ITU K20 and ITU K44.

2010.5 Shenzhen Representative office moved to a new location, with the opening of test lab, to better meet customer demands.
2011.1 3ctest became the general agency of AFJ instruments in China.
2013.3 The first hand-held ESD simulator made by 3ctest came to the market, a milestone in the Chinese EMC history.
2013.4 Representative office in Chengdu established, to better serve customers.
2013.6 The third generation of products launched to main exhibitions.