Professional team

Professional team:Our highly skilled workforce consistes of more than 100 employees

Development:Our engineers from development apartment are all high skilled and have more than 15 years experience in electromagnetic compatibility.Their responsibility is to make sure that our products meet the latest standards and customer demands.

Production:3ctest plays many efforts in product safety.Each of  us shares the responsibility to provide products that are safe for use by our customers.

Sales:Sales engineers are often trained to acquire products improvements and latest standards.They will also keep in touch with our customers to check their satisfaction.

Service:Our success is not provide you what you need now,but also what you will need.The service will not be stopped after you purchased our products .Even more,we’d like to have a long-term relationship with our customers.we offer atfer-sales service as follows:

Ÿ Warranty and repair issuers.

Ÿ Frequent emails to inform you of latest standards and products.

Ÿ Regular seminars  by international engineers.

Our after sales support engineers are always ready to help.Only a phone call away if you have any question.