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2014중국국제 복잡전자기 환경효응 측정설비와 기술전람회
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2014ChinaInternational Exhibition on EMC, Microwave, RF and Safety Tests & Certification (ChinaEMC 2014 &ChinaMW 2014)


Date: 17.06.2014-19.06.2014


China EMC 2014 & China MW2014 is the leading EMC, Microwave, Antenna and RF Exhibition with convention, forums, seminars and workshops inChina. Over 120 global key EMC and Microwave Corporations will participate in this influential and prestigious event.

The 3-days exhibition will provide you a most valuable opportunity with us to have a face-to-face contacts, meeting and business cooperation.

Best platform to have the latest technology & products, whole solutions, innovation, service of 3ctest!

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