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Radiation électromagnétique au corps humain causée par des lampes publié par l’Union Europééenne- EN 62493:2010
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In 2010, the Electromagnetic field (EMF) testing had been introduced as a new access requirement for lighting equipment imported into the European Union. In order to assess the effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and protect the health of consumers, the EU has introduced the EN 62493:2010 standard, which becomes mandatory in February 2013.

EN 62493:2010 includes testing requirements for the following measurements:

? Conducted Emission on AC (20 kHz to 30 MHz)

? Radiated Electromagnetic Disturbance (100 kHz to 30 MHz)

? Radiated Electromagnetic Disturbance (30 MHz to 300 MHz)

? Electromagnetic Fields (20 kHz to 10 MHz)

Manufacturers can significantly reduce testing costs and save time by performing their CE/EMC certification and EN 62493 at the same time.

EMF testing is one additional step manufacturers need to take to ensure their luminaire products will be granted access to the EU market in January 2013. VDH 30 from AFJ Instruments can fully meet the requirements.

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