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DaimlerChrysler DC-10615
Hand-held Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
Model:EDS 20H


The EDS20H is a state of the art electrostatic discharge simulator available in 20KV.

Online customized according to your needs>>

  • Standard
  • Feature
  • Parameter
  • Fitting
  • Services
  • Video
  • Bellcore GR-1089-Core
  • ISO 14304
  • IEC 61000-6-2
  • IEC 61000-6-1
  • IEC 61326
  • IEC 61000-4-29
  • IEC 61340-3-1
  • IEC 61000-4-2
  • GB/T 17626.2
  • EN 61000-6-1
  • EN 61000-6-2
  • EN 61326
  • ITU-T K.20
The EDS20H is a state of the art electrostatic discharge simulator available in 20KV. It is the most ergonomic ESD gun without an additional base control unit. It can be operated via battery or mains. Easy to use by touch screen, ergonomic design, R/C modules changeable, remote control software, built-in temperature and humidity meter, allows a trouble-free use in all types of test sites.

>Ergonomic design
>LCD touch screen
>All-in-one design (no base unit)
>Changeable R/C networks
>Automatic polarity switching
>Battery or mains operation, long battery life
>Temperature and humidity monitoring
>Built-in standard test library
>Intelligent detection the failure of air discharge

Technical Data

Contact discharge

1000V – 20,000V (±5%

Air discharge

1000V – 20,000V (±5%

Voltage step


Hold time



Positive, negative

RC module

LCD display

Humidity &Temperature

Internal hygrothermograph, record and protect

Repetition frequency

Single /0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10/20Hz

Trigger mode




Contact discharge

150pF/330 ohm

Summary procedure

Test according to different standard levels

Rise time

0.8ns ± 25%

Quick start test program

Simple and easy to reset data online

Evaluation procedure

Contact discharge test at 20Hzevaluate the test points of DUT

Standard Test Procedure

accord with EN/IEC61000-4-2

General data


Approx 7kg


15-35℃(operation condition


30%-60%operation condition

Air pressure


Working power supply

100V-240V±10%; 50/60Hzdefault AC 220V 50Hz for China Mainland

Optional accessories


150pF/330 ohm

Fast relay discharge module

Rise time 200ps-300ps


150pF/2000 ohm (ISO 10605)


330pF/2000 ohm (ISO 10605)


330pF/330 ohm (ISO 10605)


100pF/1500 ohm


150pF/150 ohm


500pF/500 ohm


500pF/5000 ohm


Customized discharge module

Grounding HV resistance

2 x 470 kohm

Vertical coupling plane


Horizontal coupling plane


Reference ground

2700cm x1800cm

Test table

1600x 800x800mm , solid wood, meet IEC 61000-4-2 requirement

Mains adapter

Replace the battery in continuous test

ESD Calibration set

To calibrate the waveform of IEC/EN61000-4-2, including 2 ohm target, 4GHz attenuator, coaxial cable and use manual.

tel :4006 -0512-77