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3ctest: AR Europe 2016 Annual Sales Meeting was held successfully
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    AR Europe annual sales meeting was held on September 29-30 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Participants are

executives, department leaders from AR US headquaters and AR Europe, also, some of their partners were

invited.During this meeting, AR made a lot of presentations about their sales strategy, marketing, product

development and furture products direction.

    AR Europe was authorized to be the European agency of Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd. in 2015, they are

responsible for selling EMC series products from 3ctest and after-sales service. At this meeting, 3ctest made a

presentation about new automotive EMC testing solutions, mainly introduced latest achievements of products

development, EMC system building, product test applications, etc.

    In the evening, AR Europe organized a sightseeing cruise. Amsterdam is considered to be "a capital city of Art

in the water "with criss-cross water system. Everyone communicated with each other and enjoyed beautiful

scenery on both sides of canal.

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